With snus, the nicotine content differs from the conventional cigarette. With snus, it's all about the perceived strength, which is usually declared with dots on all snus cans. So it may well be that you like a different nicotine content in a snus than in a cigarette.

What is the nicotine content of snus and how are they declared?

1 to 10 mg/g nicotine = Normal snus

11 to 20 mg/g nicotine = strong snus

20 to 43 mg/g nicotn = Very strong snus

Over 44 mg/g nicotine = ultra strong snus

If you are looking for a nicotine-free snus, then we can recommend the brand Scooper Energy. All Scooper snus are 100% nicotine free. Scooper contains caffeine and vitamin B5 instead of nicotine, which makes it perfect for smoking cessation.

How much nicotine does snus have?

How much nicotine a snus has, can not be answered in a general way, because each snus has a different nicotine content. On average, most snus contain between 10 and 20 mg/g nicotine. In our snus store you can find the nicotine content of each snus in the description under "additional information". If you have any further questions about the nicotine content of snus, our customer service will be happy to help you.

How many grams of nicotine does one cigarette have?

With cigarettes, too, you can't say across the board how many grams of nicotine a cigarette contains. Here, too, it varies from brand to brand. For the cigarette, the average nicotine content is 12 mg/g per cigarette. Since the burning cigarette is ignited, the nicotine affects your body differently.

How does the nicotine get into snus?

Since there are different types of snus, the nicotine gets into the snus in different ways.

In a snus with tobacco, the tobacco is ground very finely and mixed with other ingredients such as salt, flavors, water and humectants. Since the tobacco plant already contains nicotine, the nicotine thus gets into the snus. One of the best known snus with tobacco is the Odens Snus.

In the tobacco-free snus, also All White Snus, the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant. The extracted nicotine then enters the snus with other ingredients. All White Snus have the advantage that the snus does not stain your teeth and also runs much less than a snus with tobacco. The most popular All White snus in our snus shop is the VELO snus.

How is the snus nicotine content perceived when consumed?

The strength depends not only on the snus nicotine content, but also on the different pH values of the ingredients and the flavors. For example, a snus that is more runny than a regular snus will enter the body much faster than a snus with a lower moisture content. Flavors like mint and menthol provide you with an additional feeling of freshness and increase the perceived strength.

Which snus varieties does Snusland recommend with different nicotine strengths?

Regular snus: SKRUF Super White Fresh #2

Strong snus: VELO Berry Frost X-Strong

Very strong snus: Odens Cold Dry

Nicotine-free snus: SCOOPER Fresh Mint

Conclusion on nicotine content of snus

You can find the nicotine content of snus in the table below the product on the product page. We recommend you to try snus with different nicotine content to find out which nicotine content is right for you. Also, the nicotine content of snus does not say much about the real strength, because the strength is perceived differently. You can also consider the points that indicate the strength of snus as a reference.