Snus without nicotine and without tobacco are available from various well-known brands, which you can buy from us online in the store.

What are the differences between a snus with tobacco and a snus without tobacco?

The difference is that a snus without tobacco contains a tobacco substitute and are 100% free of tobacco. The tobacco substitute is cellulose, which is a natural white plant fiber that is also used for the production of tea bags. Therefore, tobacco-free snus are colloquially called All White Snus.

Advantages of tobacco free snus

The tobacco substitute used in tobacco-free snus is tasteless, which is why these All White Snus can best be mixed with flavors. This has the advantage that tobacco-free snus present themselves with very tasty flavors, which do not taste artificial. Since a tobacco-free snus has a lower moisture content than a snus with tobacco, it runs much less during use and has twice the shelf life. Probably the biggest advantage of snus without tobacco is that these snus do not stain your teeth yellow.

The most popular snus without tobacco

Among the most popular snus without tobacco are the brands Velo Snus and Skruf.

Both brands are found only in the premium segment and convince with their large selection of different products. The Velo Snus brand is one of the biggest snus brands on the market. Velo Freeze is the most popular among our customers.

Effect on the body of snus without tobacco

The nicotine content of snus without tobacco can be equated to snus with tobacco and has the same effects on the body. Unlike cigarettes, snus without tobacco do not contain carbon monoxide, which can lead to cancer. Since snus without tobacco is not ignited, it does not produce toxic smoke, which is inhaled. Therefore, it is believed that these products are up to 90% less harmful than a cigarette.

Snus without nicotine

Snus without nicotine do not contain nicotine or tobacco. Instead of nicotine or tobacco, nicotine-free snus contain caffeine. Such snus without nicotine, like the brand Scooper Energy are becoming more and more popular among gamers, businessmen and among students. A nicotine-free snus is an excellent alternative to energy drinks, coffee and cigarettes. For example, a Scooper snus contains just as much caffeine as a coffee or energy drink. Snus without nicotine bring the advantage that the small snus can find its place in every pocket and you can always fall back on it.

Buy snus without nicotine

In our online store you will find a wide selection of different snus without nicotine. The most popular snus without nicotine is the Scooper Energy Fresh Mint. It convinces with its refreshing aroma of fresh peppermint and 80 mg/g caffeine per pouch. This corresponds to about a cup of coffee or an energy drink. You can buy snus without nicotine online from Monday to Thursday until 18:00 and we will deliver your order the next business day.


Finally, it can be said that snus with or without tobacco always contain nicotine. You can find the exact nicotine content of each product in the product description. Since snus without tobacco do not stain your teeth yellow and these All White snus offer a wide range of different flavors, this type of snus is the most widely used. Also, tobacco-free snus are longer lasting and run much less when consumed. Caffeine snus are the perfect alternative to cigarettes, coffee and energy drinks and contain neither tobacco nor nicotine.