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White snus, also known as all-white snus, does not contain tobacco, but a natural tobacco substitute. In this blog post, we explain what white snus is and how it differs from snus with tobacco.

What does a white snus contain?

White snus is made with a natural plant fiber called cellulose. The cellulose is used as a filler and is mixed with nicotine, flavors, water, salt and humectants to form a moist powder. This white mass is then filled into small SLIM pouches.

Positive effects of white snus

White snus are completely tobacco-free and therefore contain no tobacco flavor. Therefore, All White Snus are mixed with various fruity or refreshing flavors, which offers the consumer an excellent taste experience.

Probably the biggest advantage of white snus is that these products do not stain your teeth and you don't have to worry about your breath.

Difference between white snus and snus with tobacco

Snus with tobacco already contains nicotine due to the processed tobacco leaves, which is portioned into the snus pouches during production. As white snus is tobacco-free, nicotine is added during production in the form of liquids or salts. If you don't like the taste of tobacco, you will love white snus. The taste of snus with tobacco is dominated by aromas of earthy tobacco, which gives these products their character.

In contrast to tobacco-containing snus, white snus are available in various flavors and do not contain any tobacco flavor.

There are no noticeable differences in the effect of the two types of snus. Even long-time snus consumers will not notice any difference between a snus with tobacco and an All White snus, apart from the taste.

The strengths of white snus

The nicotine content of white snus, which you can find in our snus store, is between 6 mg - 24 mg nicotine per pouch. However, a distinction is made between perceived strength and actual nicotine strength. A snus with a refreshing aroma is perceived as stronger than it actually is. This perception is caused by the cooling flavors of peppermint and menthol.  

Strong white snus

In our range you will also find strong white snus such as Velo Freeze Max. With its nicotine content of 20 mg nicotine per pouch, this snus offers you a perfect nicotine kick.

Mild white snus

The popular Velo Freeze is one of the mild white snus in our range. It impresses with its nicotine content of 14 mg nicotine per pouch and its refreshing flavors. Those who prefer fruity flavors should try the Velo Berry Frost. The taste of this Velo snus has fruity aromas of fresh berries and a hint of menthol.

Weak white snus

If you want to use snus as an alternative to smoking, Velo Berry Frost MINI could be the right product for you. This snus is also ideal for people who would like to try a white snus.

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