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Snus, pronounced "Snüs" in Swedish, is a nicotine-containing product that traditionally contains tobacco and originates from Sweden. There are now also tobacco-free and nicotine-free snus.

Differences between snus and all white snus


The origin of snus dates back several hundred years and was invented in Sweden. Traditional snus contains tobacco, which is cut or ground and portioned into small pouches. In the production of snus, tobacco, salt, water and flavors are added and processed into a porous mass. This mass is then portioned into small pouches made of plant fibers.

The best-known snus brands in Switzerland that contain tobacco are Siberia and Odens. Both snus brands are produced by the same manufacturer under strict quality conditions in Sweden.

All White Snus:

All White Snus are nicotine pouches which enable the consumer to consume nicotine without tobacco. Instead of tobacco, a natural tobacco substitute called cellulose is used. Cellulose is a natural plant fiber that is enriched with nicotine salt or nicotine liquid. All White Snus also contains salt, water and flavorings. All White Snus are often used as an alternative to cigarettes, as these snus can help you to give up smoking. The best known All White Snus brand in Switzerland is Velo Snus. Velo is known for its wide range of varieties and tasty flavors.

Caffeine snus:

Caffeine snus contain only caffeine and offer a top-class energy kick. These products are also very often used for smoking cessation, as they contain no nicotine or tobacco. But caffeine pouches are also a very good alternative for people who want to give up coffee and energy drinks. In our store you will find the popular Scooper Energy brand, with each sachet containing 80 mg of caffeine and vitamin B5.

Start with snus:

Ideally, you should never want to start using nicotine. We therefore recommend that all people who have not regularly consumed nicotine take a caffeine nus to choose.

If you want to use snus as an alternative to other nicotine-containing products, this is a good start to a smoke-free life. As snus is only consumed orally, you don't inhale any toxic vapors that can damage your lungs.

The first thing you should do is find the right snus that meets your needs. We recommend that beginners try out different snus brands and products with a low nicotine content. This is the easiest way to find out which nicotine strength and which flavor is right for you. If you would prefer personal advice, our customer service team will be happy to help you.

How to take snus and All White Pouches correctly?

Snus and All White pouches are taken orally and then spat out again. You can place a nicotine pouch between your gums and upper lip and position it so that it lies comfortably. We recommend placing the nicotine pouch on the side, as this makes it more comfortable to wear and the nicotine pouch is not noticeable in your mouth. The effect of the snus is released as soon as the nicotine pouch comes into contact with your saliva. The nicotine is absorbed by your body via the oral mucosa, with the effect occurring within a short time. You can adjust the duration of use to suit your needs. As soon as you have had enough of the effect, you can remove the used snus from your mouth and dispose of it in the waste.

How much snus per day?

How much snus you want to consume per day depends on your cravings and preferences. Most snus lose their flavor and effect after about 40 minutes. Depending on how long you keep the snus in your mouth, you will need more or less snus per day. As snus is a nicotine-containing product, we recommend that you use these products responsibly. If you still have a strong craving for these products, you can combine nicotine-containing snus with a snus without nicotine.

If you need help quitting snus, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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