Pablo is already very popular in Europe for a long time. It presents itself with its unique selling points which are attributable to the high nicotine content as well as the refreshing flavors.

All details about Pablo Snus

All Pablo snus are tobacco free and are produced with a tobacco substitute called cellulose. Cellulose is a natural white plant fiber, which is mixed with other ingredients such as flavors, salt and water. That is why the Pablo snus can be found in our All White snus assortment. This snus brand shines with its attractive price-performance ratio, as well as with its eye-catching label.

On our website you can get a Pablo snus from CHF 3.90. Next day delivery is free for orders over CHF 15.00.

The producer behind Pablo Snus is also the inventor of Killa Snus, which is also very well known because of its popularity in Europe. Pablo Snus is available in the Danger Strong as well as the Exclusive variant.

Nicotine content of Pablo snus

Pablo snus is very famous for its high nicotine content.
The nicotine content of Pablo Snus differs in the different versions and are suitable for experienced snusers. All products, which are subject to the Danger Strong variant, contain 30 mg of nicotine per pouch. The Exclusive product line contains 50 mg of nicotine per pouch.

Buy Pablo Snus online in Switzerland

In our online store for snus you can buy Pablo snus at low prices. Since we import these products directly from the producer at regular intervals, we guarantee that you will always get fresh snus from us.

How is Pablo Snus taken?

Pablo snus should only be taken orally and should not be lit or swallowed. You can remove a nicotine pouch from your tin and comfortably position this pouch between your gums and upper lip. You can adjust how long you want to keep the pouch in your mouth to suit your needs. As soon as the nicotine pouch comes into contact with your saliva, the nicotine and flavors are released.

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