Skruf is a tobacco-free All White snus, which was produced in 2002 by two friends in a rural environment. When Skruf Snus became bigger, a tobacco company took over this brand. This snus brand is 100% tobacco free.

Buy Skruf Snus in Switzerland

Since 2019, you can legally buy Skruf snus in Switzerland. Skruf is a very well-known and popular snus in Sweden, which is why this brand is also gaining more and more popularity in Switzerland.

Nicotine content of Skruf Snus

The nicotine content is different for each variety and range from 8 mg/g to 24 mg/g nicotine. Since Skruf has a wide range of different strengths, this snus brand is the perfect alternative to cigarettes.

What makes Skruf Snus special?

Skruf Snus is a snooze which does not contain tobacco and yet has a very strong nicotine content. The flavors are almost all Skruf Nicotine Pouches on mint, eucalyptus and menthol designed. These flavors offer you an excellent freshness for in between.

Is Skruf chewing tobacco?

Skruf is 100% tobacco free and therefore does not count as chewing tobacco. Instead of tobacco, Skruf snus uses cellulose as a tobacco substitute.

What are the varieties of Skruf Snus?

From Skruf snus there are several varieties, which differ in strength and flavors. If you are a beginner, then we recommend the Skruf Super White Fresh #2. This Skruf snus is with its 8 mg/g nicotine a rather weaker snus of the brand Skruf. If you want a Skruf snus with a rather higher nicotine content, then we recommend the Skruf Super White Fresh Max #6.

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