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  • the perfect refreshment for between
  • 0 % Sugar
  • Vitamin B5
  • vegan
  • replaces two cups of espresso

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For whom the Scooper Energy Cool Grapefruit Extra Strong is suitable

The Scooper Energy Cool Grapefruit Extra Strong is suitable for all people who need a caffeine boost in between without always drinking a coffee or energy drink. That's why Scooper Energy Cool Grapefruit Extra Strong is very popular with students and athletes. You can always have your Scooper Energy can with you and give yourself a caffeine boost when needed.

Scooper Snus in detail

Scooper snus is the first snus on the market that does not contain nicotine. Scooper snus is an excellent alternative to a coffee or energy drink. This is why it is very popular among business people and students, because you can always have Scooper snus in your pocket and get an energy kick at any time. One Scooper Snus contains 40 mg/g of caffeine, which is equivalent to about one cup of espresso. Also, this snus is 100% sugar free, contains vitamin B5 and is vegan.

Additional information


Scooper Energy


Cool grapefruit

Bag Format


Caffeine content per sachet

40 mg/g

Snus per can



Nicotine free snus


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