Shortly after work at the gas station the car filled up and suddenly this snus advertising appears there!? Yes, you saw correctly, you can buy snus at the gas station.

Buy snus at the gas station in Switzerland

Since the legalization of snus in 2019, snus is also available at gas stations in Switzerland. More and more often you can see big advertising banners of well-known brands at gas stations. The fact that gas stations offer snus is very convenient, because you can buy your snus there if you forgot to order fresh Swedish snus at By advertising these products, the operators of gas stations want to make smokers aware of the new alternative of the cigarette.

What brands of snus are sold at gas stations?

Gas stations now carry more and more different brands in their assortment. The most common brands at gas stations are Velo Snus, Siberia, and Odens. These snus brands are among the most popular in Switzerland, where almost everyone will find the right product.

Buy snus at the gas station or online?

Apart from gas stations, you could also buy your snus in a kiosk. However, the difference between the gas station and the kiosk are quite clear, you will in most cases pay almost double the price than if you would buy your snus online.

For example, you can get Velo Artic Frost Max at the gas station for CHF 9.90 per can. In our online store you can get the same product from CHF 5.90. Especially if you want to buy larger quantities or regularly, it is worth ordering your snus online. Also, an online store offers you a much larger selection of different brands than a gas station.

At Snusland you can order your snus until 18:00 and you will get your order already the next day. The shipping is already free from CHF 15.00.


If you suddenly run out of your snus supply and forget to order snus, the gas station is the perfect alternative to tide you over until your order arrives. However, from a financial point of view, we recommend you to buy your snus online. You will also benefit from a much larger selection at an online snus store, which no gas station can offer you.