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Nicotine-free snus

What does a nicotine-free snus contain?

As the name suggests, nicotine-free snus contain 100% no nicotine. Instead of nicotine, our nicotine-free snus contain caffeine. We currently stock the Scooper Energy brand as the only snus brand that is 100% nicotine-free. These nicotine-free snus contain 40 mg/g of caffeine, which is equivalent to about a cup of espresso.

The effect of nicotine-free snus

The effect of a snus without nicotine is not addictive and gives you the energy kick for in between. Especially for people who don't like coffee, a snus without nicotine is a very good choice. This allows you to take in caffeine in a different way without having to drink coffee.

Which nicotine-free snus is right for me?

In our online store you will find various snus without nicotine, which differ only in taste. The most popular snus without nicotine in our online store is Scooper Energy Fresh Mint and Scooper Energy Iced Tea Peach.

Buy nicotine-free snus in Switzerland

You can buy nicotine-free snus from us directly from our warehouse in Switzerland. As the demand for nicotine-free and tobacco-free snus continues to grow, we are constantly adding new nicotine-free snus to our range. 


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