Scooper Energy

Scooper Energy Snus is the first snus without nicotine in Switzerland!

What distinguishes Scooper Energy Snus?

Scooper Snus is the first snus without nicotine and tobacco, which is available in Switzerland. Instead of nicotine, this nicotine-free snus contains 40 mg/g of caffeine, which corresponds to about one cup of espresso. Therefore, the Scooper brand is an excellent substitute for a coffee or energy drink. The great thing about this snus without nicotine is that you can always have it in your pocket and get an energy boost when you need it, simply and easily. All Scooper snus contain no sugar and are rich in vitamin B5.

Buy Scooper Snus in Switzerland is one of the few certified distributors in Switzerland that is allowed to sell the Scooper brand. With us you can comfortably buy your Scooper snus online and we will deliver your order already the next working day. Surveys have shown that snus without nicotine are becoming more and more popular in Switzerland.

For whom is the Scooper Energy Snus suitable?

This brand is perfect for people who want to take a snus without nicotine and benefit from an energy kick due to the caffeine. Therefore, this nicotine-free sn us is very popular especially among students and entrepreneurs, because in most cases it takes too long to prepare a coffee.

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