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All about Velo Snus

The Velo snus brand, hereinafter referred to as Velo Snus, is available in various flavors and nicotine strengths. All Velo snus are tobacco-free and are therefore also known as Velo Nicotine Pouches and All White Snus.

Velo Snus is a Swedish snus brand that is known for its white pouches. Since all products of this brand are tobacco-free, a white tobacco substitute is used in the manufacture of these products. The natural plant fiber cellulose, which is also used in the production of paper, is used as a tobacco substitute. Velo Snus is characterized by its wide range of varieties, with the various products differing in their flavours and nicotine strengths.

Velo Snus in Switzerland

Velo Snus is well known in Switzerland because all products are tobacco-free and the brand offers a wide range of varieties. In Switzerland, the natural-tasting flavors of Velo Snus are highly appreciated, as they are particularly effective due to the tasteless tobacco substitute. As all Velo Snus contains only high-quality flavorings, the flavors do not taste artificial and offer a long-lasting taste.

Buy Velo Snus

You have been able to buy Velo Snus in Switzerland in various ways for several years. You can buy Velo Snus at various retailers, kiosks, petrol stations or online. The design of the packaging may differ from outlet to outlet. In terms of content, the products are all the same, as they are all produced in the same production facility in Sweden.

Nicotine strength and nicotine content of Velo Snus

The nicotine content of Velo Snus is between 6 and 20 mg nicotine per can. In terms of nicotine content, a distinction is made between perceived strength and actual nicotine content. The perceived nicotine strength depends on the flavors, with refreshing flavors being perceived as stronger. The actual nicotine content of Velo Snus can be found in the product description of each product.
The products are divided into different product lines depending on their nicotine strength:

Medium: All Medium Velo snus contain a maximum of 6 mg nicotine per pouch and are perfect for beginners.

Strong: The nicotine content of the Strong variant is a maximum of 10 mg per pouch.

X-Strong: Velo X-Strong contains 11 mg nicotine per pouch and is the most popular product line of the Velo Snus brand.

Ultra: With 15 mg nicotine per pouch, Ultra products are suitable for experienced snuffers.

Max: Velo Max is the strongest product line of Velo Snus with 22 mg nicotine and is only suitable for long-time snus users who want to enjoy an intense nicotine experience.

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