The origin of snus goes back several hundred years and comes from the Scandinavian countries. Sweden has been considered smoke-free since 2023, as snus is several times more widespread than cigarettes.

Velo is one of the most popular brands in Switzerland, with its origin in Sweden. The different products of this brand are known for their white pouches, which contain cellulose instead of tobacco. On our website you will find a wide variety of types, with the products differing with their different flavors and strengths. All products are suitable for experienced snusers as well as beginners.

What distinguishes Velo Snus?

An original traditional snus is made with various raw materials such as tobacco, salt, flavors and water. Compared to other snus brands, Velo Snus does not contain tobacco. Instead of tobacco, cellulose is used as a tobacco substitute. The advantage of cellulose is that this raw material will not stain your teeth. In terms of taste, even experienced snus users will not notice any difference, as the taste as well as the nicotine is just as noticeable as in a snus with tobacco.

Each Velo Snus produced is subjected to strict quality control and only put on sale when all the required values have been met. This makes these Nicotine Pouches an absolute premium product, which may only be sold through certified and tested dealers. With us you will find a wide variety of varieties, whereby the different products differ in taste and nicotine strength.

Velo Snus in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Velo Snus is gaining more and more popularity. This is due to the fact that more and more people from Switzerland are switching from cigarettes to snus. Among the most popular nicotine pouches in Switzerland are Velo Freeze and Velo Berry Frost. Since all of these products are 100% tobacco free, Velo Snus is the most popular snus in Switzerland as it is considered the best tobacco free snus.

Velo Snus nicotine content

The nicotine content of Velo Snus is a maximum of 20 mg per pouch and varies with each product. You can read the exact nicotine content on the can lid by the filled points. You can also find the nicotine content of each product in the product description.

The Velo Snus strength:

Medium: All Medium Velo snus contain a maximum of 6 mg of nicotine per pouch and are perfect for beginners.

Strong: The nicotine content in the Strong variant is no more than 10 mg per pouch.

X-Strong: Velo X-Strong contains 11 mg of nicotine per pouch and is the most popular product line of the Velo Snus brand.

Ultra: The Ultra products are suitable for experienced snusers with their 15 mg nicotine per pouch.

Max: Velo Max is the strongest product line of Velo Snus with 22 mg nicotine and is only suitable for long-time snusers who want to enjoy an intense nicotine experience.

Velo Snus strength always distinguishes between actual strength and perceived strength.
For example, the Velo Ice Cool presents itself with refreshing flavors, which leads to the fact that the snus is perceived as stronger than it actually is.

Buy Velo Snus

In our online store for snus you can buy Velo Snus around the clock. We have a very good relationship with our suppliers, which allows us that you can buy Velo Snus at the best prices in Switzerland. The advantage of ordering Velo Snus is the large selection and lower prices, which no gas station can offer you. We attach great importance to fresh products and fast delivery of orders. That's why you can buy fresh Velo Snus until 18:00 and your order will be delivered on the next working day.

The correct intake of Velo Snus

Velo Snus does not need to be lit and can therefore be used indoors. For this you can put a pouch between your upper lip and gums. The saliva will release nicotine and the flavors within a short time. You can leave the pouch under your upper lip as long as it suits you. Afterwards you can dispose of the used pouch in the trash or in the small compartment in the Velo Snus can.

All these products should only be used orally and should not be swallowed as this could cause discomfort.

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