VELO Ice Cool Strong

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The Velo Ice Cool Strong offers you the perfect refreshment in your everyday life with its aroma of peppermint. It is made of a natural, tasteless plant fiber, which positions the refreshing aroma in the center.

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Velo Ice Cool in detail

The Velo Ice Cool presents itself in terms of taste with its intense and cooling flavor of fresh peppermint, which provides a pleasant refreshment. The fresh peppermint is combined with a touch of sweet herbs, which round off the aroma. The combination with fresh herbs, leads to the fact that the taste is not sharp and the snus burns less during use.

More things to know about the Velo Ice Cool Strong

The Velo Ice Cool is an all white snus, which does not contain tobacco. As a tobacco substitute, a natural plant fiber is used, which in contrast to tobacco brings numerous advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that this snus does not stain your teeth yellow. Velo Ice Cool strong was portioned in small SLIM bags, which lead to a pleasant wearing comfort and are not noticeable in the mouth. Especially in the summer this snus is very popular, because its refreshing flavors have a cooling effect on the body. Each package contains 20 pouches.

Velo Ice Cool nicotine content

The Velo Ice Cool nicotine content is 10 mg of nicotine per bag. Due to this nicotine content, this snus is very popular with beginners. Even for experienced users, the Velo Ice Cool is a very good Velo Snus for everyday use, because it is perceived as stronger than it actually is due to its refreshing flavors.

The correct use of Velo Ice Cool

You can remove a Nicotine Pouch from your Velo Ice Cool tin and place it between your upper lip and gums. You can keep the pouch inside your mouth for as long as you like. The taste will diminish after about 45 minutes. After that, you can dispose of the used bag in the trash.

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Menthol & Peppermint

Bag Format


Nicotine content per bag

14 mg/g

Snus per can



All White

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Czech Republic


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