VELO Berry Frost X-Strong

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The Velo Berry Frost tastes just as delicious as the berry mix, which is only available directly from the berry dealer. Combined with menthol, which provides the necessary freshness, this snus leaves nothing to be desired.

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This is what VELO Berry Frost tastes like

The VELO Berry Frost reminds you of the taste of freshly picked raspberries, blackberries, blueberries with a hint of mint and icy menthol.
This VELO brand snus is popular for its flavor explosion among snusers in Switzerland.

VELO Berry Frost nicotine content at a glance

The VELO Berry Frost nicotine content is 16mg/g per snus can. For all VELO snus you can see the nicotine strength and the nicotine content by the dots on the can. The more dots are filled, the higher the nicotine content.

The correct use of VELO Berry Frost X-Strong

The VELO Berry Frost is very easy to use. You can take a pouch from your tin and place it between your upper lip and gums. We recommend that you place the nicotine pouch on the side, as this makes it more comfortable to wear. You can then keep the nicotine pouch in your mouth for up to 60 minutes. After this time, the taste as well as the effect of nicotine will decrease significantly. After that, you can dispose of the used nicotine pouch in the trash or in your waste compartment on the snus can.

Buy VELO Berry Frost in Switzerland

Now you can buy VELO Berry Frost almost everywhere. However, we recommend that you order VELO Berry Frost in an online store like ours. With us you benefit from the best prices in Switzerland and fast delivery. At Snusland you can buy VELO Berry Frost until 18:00 and we will deliver it the next business day.

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Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, mint, menthol

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Nicotine content per bag

16 mg/g

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All White

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Czech Republic


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