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Siberia Snus - the well-known snus from Sweden

The snus brand Siberia comes from Scandinavia and is one of the most widely used snus brands in the world. Siberia is very popular due to its extremely high nicotine content, which is why this brand is also known as the strongest snus in the world. The products of this snus brand are available as portion snus and loose snus in various flavors.

Nicotine content of Siberia Snus

The nicotine content of Siberia Snus is extremely high compared to other brands with 43 mg nicotine per pouch. The high nicotine content is achieved with an exquisite tobacco blend, which gives Siberia Snus its character in terms of taste. Due to the high nicotine content, these products offer an intense nicotine kick. You can find the nicotine content in the product description of every Siberia Snus in our store.

That's why Siberia is known all over the world

Apart from the high nicotine content that Siberia's products contain, the various products differ in their flavors. These include flavors such as menthol or essential oils, which offer the consumer an excellent taste experience. These flavors are mixed with a selected type of tobacco and then filled into small sachets. For those who prefer a SLIM pouch, the Siberia Red is also available in a SLIM pouch. The SLIM pouches are slightly narrower than a portion pouch and are more comfortable to carry.

Buy Siberia Snus

In Switzerland, Siberia snus is one of the best alternatives to cigarettes, which is why Siberia is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. In our store we offer all available snus of the brand Siberia which you can order online around the clock. As we regularly import various products of this brand into Switzerland, we guarantee that you can only buy fresh Siberia snus from us.

How to store Siberia snus correctly

When ordering Siberia Snus from 10 tins, you benefit from our graduated prices, whereby many of our customers order a larger quantity and then store it at home. All Siberia products should be stored in a cool place, protected from sunlight. Storage in the fridge or cellar is recommended. Alternatively, you can also put your stock in the freezer. Many consumers claim that refrigerated snus tastes and acts more intensely than when stored at room temperature.

How is Siberia taken correctly?

Snus do not need to be inflamed as they are taken orally and then spat out again. You can take a pouch out of the can and place it between your upper lip and gums. As soon as the Siberia Snus comes into contact with saliva, the nicotine and flavors are released. The nicotine enters the body via the oral mucosa, with the effect occurring within a few seconds. As soon as you have had enough of the effect, you can remove the pouch from your mouth and dispose of it in the waste. As these products are among the strongest snus in the world, we only recommend this brand to experienced consumers.

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