This snus brand was developed more than a hundred years ago in the district of Siberia in Sweden and is still produced by GN Tobacco based in Sweden. Siberia brand products were developed to keep people's spirits high during the long and cold winter months.

Interesting facts about Siberia Snus

The products of this brand are known in Switzerland for their extremely high nicotine content. Siberia snus contains up to 42 mg of nicotine per bag and is therefore also known as the strongest snus in the world.

In terms of taste, these products present themselves with their basic taste of earthy tobacco, which gives the snus its flavorful character. The tobacco flavor is combined with a hint of iced peppermint, which gives the snus a pleasant freshness.

In the production of Siberia snus are used only selected varieties of tobacco, which makes this brand a high-quality product.

This is the best way to store the products of the brand Siberia

We recommend you to store your products in a cool place and away from the sun. You can also store your snus in the refrigerator or freezer. By storing them in a cool environment, you can ensure that your snus will not dry out and lose quality.

Nicotine content of Siberia snus

The nicotine content of Siberia snus is different for each product and is a maximum of 43 mg of nicotine per bag. The Siberia Red is the strongest snus of this brand and belongs to the most popular product in Switzerland. You can find the detailed nicotine content per pouch in the product description of our products.

You can find these variations of Siberia Snus in our store

Through our website you can buy these popular products from Siberia Snus:

Siberia Red White Dry: This Siberia snus is the most famous and strongest product that this brand has to offer. This snus is also available in the Siberia Red SLIM variant. The SLIM pouches are slightly narrower than the portion pouches and result in a more comfortable carry.

Siberia Ice Cold Power: This Siberia snus is the weakest product with its nicotine content of 24 mg. This snus presents itself with its refreshing aroma of fresh mint. Also this snus is available in the Siberia Blue SLIM version with us.

The difference of Siberia SLIM

The difference in the SLIM variant is the bag size. The SLIM variants have narrower and smaller pouches than is used in normal snus.

Buy Siberia Snus online in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Siberia Snus products are becoming more and more popular, which is why you can buy Siberia Snus from us around the clock at the best prices. Compared to gas stations and kiosks, you can benefit from our discount prices and buy Siberia Snus online at low prices. At the same time we guarantee that you can only order fresh Siberia Snus from us.

The correct use of Siberia snus

Snus must not be swallowed or ignited. Siberia Snus is only used orally and spit out afterwards. You can position the bulging pouch between your upper lip and gums until it lies comfortably. The duration of use can be adjusted to your preferences and needs. After 60 minutes at the latest, the effect as well as the taste of snus will decrease.

Due to the low moisture content, all products of this brand drip during use much less than other snus. In each tin you will find 20 bulging pouches.

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