Siberia Red - Red White Dry

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This product of the brand Siberia is the most famous and at the same time the strongest snus in the world. It convinces with its refreshing aroma and traditional portion bags and is made with the traditional Swedish recipe.

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Siberia Red detailed overview

The Siberia Red is a traditional portion snus and is produced by the manufacturer GN Tobacco in Sweden. This snus has a low moisture content, which causes the pouch to run less during use, which contributes to a better taste experience. In terms of taste, it presents itself with its clear taste of tobacco and a slight flavor note of fresh peppermint. This flavor combination makes the Siberia Red a very refreshing snus.

 Siberia White Dry Portion Snus in Switzerland

Due to its delicious taste, this portion of Siberia brand snus is one of the most popular snus in Switzerland. That is why this smokeless nicotine product is gaining more and more popularity in Switzerland and is one of our best sellers.

The nicotine content of Siberia Red

The nicotine content of Siberia Red is 43 mg nicotine per pouch and offers you a first-class nicotine kick. The high nicotine content is achieved with a very high quality tobacco variety, which is planted under controlled conditions. We recommend this snus only to experienced snusers due to the high nicotine content.

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Mint & Tobacco

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Nicotine content per bag

43 mg/g

Snus per can



White Dry Portion


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