ZYN is produced by the Swedish manufacturer Swedish Match and convinces with its different flavors. This brand is free of tobacco, which is why these tobacco-free products are among the most popular nicotine pouches in Eruopa.

What flavors are available from ZYN?

ZYN are available in different flavors in our store. In our shop you can find different products of this brand with refreshing and sweet flavors. The most popular is the ZYN Cool Mint. With its refreshing taste of fresh mint and menthol, this ZYN snus offers you an excellent fresh experience.

Interesting facts about ZYN Snus

These nicotine-containing products, unlike other brands, contains a low nicotine content. That is why ZYN snus are very popular with beginners or novices. The large selection of different flavors ensures that everyone will find their favorite flavor. The origin of ZYN snus is in Sweden, where this brand is still produced by a Swedish producer. The production of these products is subject to strict quality tests, which is why you are sold this brand only through certified dealers.


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