THUNDER Deep Freeze

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This snus is unlike the other products of this brand 100% free of tobacco and convinces with its refreshing taste of freshly picked peppermint.

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This is how the Thunder Deep Freeze presents itself

The Thunder Deep Freeze is free of tobacco and therefore a real all white snus.its refreshing taste of fresh peppermint provides the necessary freshness kick, which at the same time gives you a fresh breath. Its narrow SLIM pouches can be placed very comfortably between your upper lip, and lead to a perfect nicotine pleasure.

Thunder Deep Freeze Strength

Since Thunder Deep Freeze is a tobacco-free snus, it contains only 16 mg of nicotine per pouch. There are 20 bulging nicotine pouches in each tin.

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Mint & Menthol

Bag Format


Nicotine content per bag

16 mg/g

Snus per can



All White


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