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All about Thunder Snus

The Thunder brand produces extra strong snus, which is available in different versions. With its Swedish recipe, this snus offers you a powerful taste experience with different flavors.

Which Thunder Snus do we offer?

Thunder Snus is produced with a traditional recipe from Sweden as All White Snus as well as Portion Snus. In our online store you can buy different Thunder snus, which differ in their flavors from the various products. Only first-class tobacco leaves are used in the production of these products, which is why you will only find this brand in the premium segment. Each tin contains 21 pouches.

Nicotine content of Thunder Snus

The nicotine content of Thunder Snus is between 16 and 22 mg nicotine per pouch. In contrast to Siberia, these snus contain only half as much nicotine and can therefore also be used as an alternative. You can find the exact nicotine content for all products in the product description.

Thunder Snus Strength

With snus, a distinction is made between nicotine strength and perceived strength. A snus such as Thunder Deep Freeze is therefore perceived as stronger than a snus or nicotine pouches with a fruity flavor.

How to use Thunder Snus correctly

You can take a snus from your tin and place this pouch between your upper lip and gums. You can adjust the duration of use to suit your needs. Once you have had enough of the effect, you can remove the used pouch and dispose of it in the lid on the can.

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