The brand Killa is manufactured in Denmark and enriches the market in Switzerland for several years with your products. All products of this brand are free of tobacco and convince with their variety.

What you need to know about Killa Snus

Killa Snus appeals with its trendy products to consumers who are looking for a snus, which are a wide range of different products. In our online store you will find different Killa Snus, which differ in taste. Each tin contains 20 nicotine pouches.

Buy Killa Snus in Switzerland

In our snus store you can buy different variations of Killa snus at attractive prices. The most popular snus of this brand which are available in our store is the Killa Melon and the Killa Cold Mint. You can order your desired Killa Snus until 18:00 and we will deliver your order on the next working day. The delivery is free of charge for orders over CHF 15.00.

Nicotine content of Killa Snus

The nicotine content in Killa Snus is identical for each product and is 16 mg of nicotine per pouch. This nicotine content provides a varied and pleasant nicotine kick, which makes cigarette smoking uninteresting. This is precisely why this snus brand is one of the most popular in Switzerland.

Killa Snus Strength

The perceived strength of Killa Snus depends on the flavors that the product contains. A snus with a refreshing flavor feels stronger and burns a little more than a sweet snus during the first pouches.

Is Killa and Pablo snus the same thing?

Killa and Pablo snus are made by the same producer, but differ in flavors and nicotine content. A Pablo snus is almost twice as strong as a Killa brand snus.

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