Oden's is manufactured by the Swedish producer GN Tobacco, which also produces the brand Siberia. The traditional recipe of these products is several hundred years old and consists of tobacco, water, flavors and salt. This snus brand convinces with its high quality products and different flavors.

That is why Odens snus is so popular

Odens snus are known for their attractive price-performance ratio in Switzerland. Consumers appreciated the quality of the products as well as the different flavors that this brand has to offer. All Odens snus are also available in the slim SLIM variant in our store.

The most popular Odens snus

The most popular Odens snus is the Odens Cold Dry Extreme. It presents itself with its spicy tobacco flavor and a hint of fresh peppermint. The nicotine content is 22 mg of nicotine per pouch and provides a strong nicotine kick. This snus has a low moisture content, which results in a longer lasting effect. Each tin contains 20 sachets.

The correct storage of Odens snus

Odens snus should be stored out of reach of the sun and in a cool place. Therefore, we recommend storing your tins in the refrigerator or freezer so that the sachets do not dry out.

Buy Odens Snus in Switzerland

On our website we offer you the advantage that you can buy Odens snus at the best prices in Switzerland. Also, we offer each snus in graduated prices, so you already get a discount from us from 10 cans. Delivery is on the next business day and is free of charge from an order value of CHF 15.00.

Nicotine content of Odens snus

The nicotine content of Odens snus is 22 mg per loot. The high nicotine content is achieved with selected tobacco blends. Each produced tin is subjected to strict quality control, so that excellent product quality can be guaranteed at all times.

The correct intake of Odens snus

Odens snus is taken exclusively orally and is not swallowed or lighted. You can place the sachet between your upper lip and gums. As soon as the sachet comes into contact with your saliva, the nicotine and flavors are released. You can adjust the duration of use to your needs and preferences. Afterwards, you can remove the used pouch from your mouth and dispose of it in the trash.

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