In the case of nicotine-containing tobacco products, it is not possible to make a general assessment of how strong a snus really is based on its nicotine content. The perceived strength of a snus depends on other factors than just the nicotine content. The manufacturers of snus are not obliged to specify the exact nicotine content, but how the nicotine strength, which is perceived when consuming. This is indicated, for example, Velo Snus with points. The more points are filled in, the stronger the snus is.

How much nicotine does snus have?

The nicotine content of snus is different for each product. However, the nicotine content is classified in the same categories for all brands:

  • 1 to 10 mg/g nicotine = Normal snus
  • 11 to 20 mg/g nicotine = strong snus
  • 20 to 43 mg/g nicotn = Very strong snus
  • Over 44 mg/g nicotine = ultra strong snus

For all our products you can always find the exact nicotine content under the tab "Additional Information".

As an alternative to nicotine-containing snus, we also carry in our assortment the brand Scooper Energy. All snus from Scooper Energy are 100% free of tobacco and nicotine. Instead of nicotine, Scooper Energy contains between 40 mg/g and 80 mg/g of caffeine. These caffeine snus are perfect for people who want to give up coffee or an energy drink.

How much nicotine does a cigarette have?

A cigarette contains an average of 12 mg/g nicotine per cigarette. However, of these 12 mg/g nicotine, which a cigarette contains, only 2 - 3 mg/g nicotine are absorbed by the body.

It is often claimed that the nicotine content of snus is much higher than that of a cigarette. We can not confirm this, because there are different nicotine strengths in snus. Based on our sales figures, we know that snus with a nicotine content between 10 mg/g and 20 mg/g are used the most.

Even with snus, the full nicotine content is not absorbed by the body. The body can absorb a maximum of 15% nicotine from a snus.

Here's a quick example:

Velo Freeze contains 16 mg/g of nicotine. This means that our body can absorb a maximum of 2.4 mg/g nicotine. If this is compared to the nicotine absorbed from a cigarette, this snus is right in the middle.  

Perceived strength of snus versus nicotine content

The perceived strength of a snus depends not only on the nicotine content, but also on the taste, moisture and pH. A snus with a high moisture content tends to run faster than a snus with a lower moisture content. With a snus that runs fast, the nicotine enters the body much faster. This is what many people refer to as a "flash". The disadvantage of this is that the effect will not last as long as a snus with a low moisture content.

Is 20 mg nicotine a lot?

We are often asked if 20 mg of nicotine is a lot. If you are a beginner, we recommend a snus with a low nicotine content such as the Skruf Super White Fresh #2. This Skruf snus contains 8 mg/g nicotine and is great for beginners.

Experienced snusers can try a snus with 20 mg nicotine without any problems. For this we can recommend the Velo Artic Frost Max.

Which snus are the strongest in our range?

Our strongest snus brands include Siberia, Odens and Pablo. These snus brands contain between 30 - 45 mg/g nicotine. Since snus should be a pleasure, we only recommend these brands to experienced snusers.